Everything you need to know about Capt-bikes!

Our crew !

Mother and Son, proud of our Breton origins and of a previous experience at the Palais in the hotel and catering industry, we have decided to embark on a tourist adventure where traveling by bike will allow you to discover our island differently and at your own pace.

We defend environmental respect and social commitment in line with the Earth Charter.

Jenny and Brian

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The store

The store is located 14, Quai Jacques Le Blanc 56360 Le Palais in the heart of the downtown of Palais and is surrounded by many shops, art galleries, the Town Hall and also restaurants.

We are located less than 200 meters from the pier on a famous street in the downtown shopping district and on one of the busiest thoroughfares.

You will discover our range of electric bikes, and will be able to benefit from the many advices of our team.

Why electric ?

You may not know it but Belle-île-en mer is the largest island in Brittany with its 20 km from East to West and 9 km from North to South.

Choosing the mode of transport adapted to the duration of your stay and the composition of your family will therefore be essential, and the electric bike will be one of the best options.

Whether you are young or old, sporty or not, the electric bike will bring you optimal comfort to fully enjoy all the treasures of the island.

Take the time to discover all the landscapes, to explore all the riches of Belle-île without the vagaries of the car (traffic jams, parking, etc.) while enjoying the sea air!

It’s better for the planet, and it’s better for you!

A committed crew !

Riding electric is good, but at Capt.bikes we were keen to go even further in our ecological approach.

Our host, o2switch mainly uses carbon-free energy, and it seeks, as much as possible, to source from nearby and French suppliers for their energy, but also their equipment.

For our part, we have an energy certificate from 100% renewable production in France, and our bike fleet is manufactured in Vendée (French department).

As you will have understood, in a world where energy conservation remains a major need and relocation is wreaking havoc, at Capt.bikes we make the assumed choice of green and local consumption as much as possible.

Why Capt-Bikes ?

We will be keen to make your stay a success by passing on our passion for the great outdoors and our knowledge of this magnificent island that is Belle-île en mer.

Latest generation electric bikes, ready to travel all the trails and all the roads and guarantee you fabulous discoveries.

Don’t hesitate any longer, and embark on the Capt-Bikes adventure!

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